Training Last Week in Dresden (Germany)

Last week I taught the 5-days class “Digital Imaging” organized by CEI.  This time the training took place in Dresden (Germany).  For the very first time we added a company visit to the training (after teaching hours).  We had the luxury to be invited by Aspect Systems to visit their premises in Dresden.  After the course on day3, taxis were organized by CEI to bring the participants to Aspect Systems.  We were welcomed by Marcus Verhoeven, one of the company’s founders.  Marcus explained and showed us the activities of Aspect Systems.  In the imaging community, Aspect Systems is known for their test services, but actually they do much more than that.  Aspect Systems is developing hardware, software, algorithms, optics, mechanics for imaging applications, independent of the final application of the systems (can be testing, evaluation, or other purposes).

We limited the visit to 1 hour, not to overload the course participants too much with technical information after already 3 days of training.  But afterwards that limitation seemed to be a mistake.  Everybody was so enthousiast about the visit and the contact with the real imaging world, that the only complain we got was that the length of the visit : too short.

With this blog, I want to thank Marcus Verhoeven and his co-workers for their time and hospitality to have us at their premises.  Hopefully we can repeat this company-visit experiment when we are again in Dresden for another training.  But then for sure, we spend some more time at Aspect Systems.

Thanks Marcus and team, success with your business !

Albert, 17-10-2016.

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