Forum ADC’s for Imagers is completely SOLD OUT !

The two planned sessions on Dec. 16-17, and Dec. 19-20, 2013 are completely sold out.  There is no need for further regsitration because more seats will not be added.  Thanks to all people who registered.  I will keep you updated about the feedback of the participants.  At that time I will also start with the preparation of a new forum in 2014.

Albert, 4-12-2013.

2 Responses to “Forum ADC’s for Imagers is completely SOLD OUT !”

  1. Ali says:

    Dear Prof,
    Question: you wrote ” … the exact value of the light input is not important for this measurement, as long as it stays constant”.

    However for APS CMOS (at least based on 4T pixel design) it is clear that the FWC is light input dependant. Moreover i’m wondering if the FWC is temperature dependant too ?
    Any comment.


  2. albert says:

    Dear Ali, You are 100 % right. Maybe I phrased my statement not correctly. What I meant to indicate is the following : for all the measurements and for all settings of the camera the light input was not changed. In this way we can compare the various measurements with each other. Indeed, as you indicated, the FWC is depending on the amount of light as well as on the temperature. The latter is described in the work of Mukul Sarkar, presented at the latest IISW2013.
    Thanks for your valuable comment ! Albert.

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