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Looking for a PhD student and for a postdoc researcher

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

In support of my research group at the Delft University of Technology, I am eagerly seeking for a PhD student (4 years) as well as a postdoc researcher (3 years).  Both persons will be working on CMOS image sensors characterized by ultra-low noise and ultra-high speed.

At this moment the CIS research group at the Delft University of Technology is composed out of 4 PhD students and one postdoc researcher.  But recently a new project is granted and this will allow us to expand the group by two more people.  The job of the two additional people will focus on design, lay-out and evaluation of the CMOS image sensors with the aforementioned characteristics.  The expected background of the candidates is electronic engineering.  Starting date : a.s.a.p.

If you are interested, please send you recent CV to A (dot) J (dot) P (dot) Theuwissen (at) tudelft (dot) nl

(I hope it is clear what is meant here, if I correctly spell the e-mail address I will get tons of SPAM).

Albert, 2-1-2018.