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Status “How To Measure … ?” series

Monday, January 28th, 2013

It has been a while since the last post in the series “How To Measure … ?”  Unfortunately the writing-up of this material has not the highest priority I have to admit.  Another problem has to do with the need for new/additional measurement data, but to generate the data I do need a set-up, and to use the set-up I do need a lab.  At this moment I am busy with the installation of the lab in my new office space, some new equipment has arrived already, including a nice light-tight measurement box that will be used to do the measurements.  So in principle I can start with new measurements on a short notice (if time allows me).  But in many cases after the measurement data is available, some data processing is needed to present the results in an understandable way. 

What can you expect to be the next ?  Most probably the next chapter will deal the measurement of the linearity and/or full-well capacity of the sensors/cameras.  Looking forward to it, because it is funny to realize how much one (still) can learn by doing these evaluations.

Albert. 28-01-2013.

“Imaging Sensors” course at Delft University of Technology

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Together with my colleague Edoardo Charbon, we developed a new course on Imaging Sensors.  The course is intended for students of the first year of our international EE MSc program.  We had 28 students which chose to follow the class.  Quite a nice success.

Why do I put this message in my blog ?  Well to tell you about our examination procedure.  Instead of asking the students to learn all kind of definitions by heart, we gave them a list of about 50 technical publications, material that came mainly from IEEE and IISW.  We asked to all students to select one publication, study it, make a poster of it and then explain the material by means of the poster to the two professors and their colleague students.

We just had the poster sessions last week, and overall the students did very well.  It is amazing to see how easily these young people pick up the ideas presented in the publications and how they explained it to the audience.  A big advantage of this way of examination is the fact that you learn something from it yourself.  It is really funny to see your own ideas explained by others in a way that is completely different from the way I would have done it myself.

So in conclusion I think it was a very successful experiment, worthwhile to repeat in the coming years.

Albert, 15-01-2013.